Unleash Your Scream Squad at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Hollywood 2023

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood 2023

Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, the spine-chilling and blood-curdling Halloween event that will leave you trembling with fear and excitement! Are you ready to face your deepest nightmares and confront the most terrifying creatures? From September 7 to October 31, 2023, Universal Studios Hollywood will transform into a nightmare realm, hosting Southern California’s scariest Halloween experience. Get ready to gather your scream squad and embark on a heart-pounding adventure you’ll never forget!

Before we delve into the haunted worlds that await, please note that Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event and not recommended for children under 13 years old. So, brace yourself for a night of bone-chilling terror, and let’s explore what awaits you in the darkness!

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General Information about Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights
Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event at Universal Studios Hollywood that takes place on select nights in the fall. It offers a thrilling and terrifying experience with movie set-quality haunted houses, scare zones, and a Terror Tram. The event is extremely popular and tends to sell out for most nights. Guests can download the Universal Studios Hollywood app to check wait times and showtimes for the event.
Halloween Horror Nights typically takes place from September to October. The specific dates may vary each year.
Halloween Horror Nights features haunted houses, scare zones, and a Terror Tram. The haunted houses are designed to provide a movie-like experience with detailed sets and terrifying encounters. The scare zones are themed areas where guests can encounter various scare actors and immersive environments. The Terror Tram takes guests on a chilling journey through the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood.
Download the Universal Studios Hollywood app to check wait times and showtimes

Enter the Haunted Worlds

The Last of Us™ Haunted House

Imagine stepping into the nightmarish world of “The Last of Us™,” the critically acclaimed video game by Naughty Dog. As you enter this haunted house, you’ll find yourself in an abandoned Pittsburgh, a city now overrun by terrifying creatures and a gritty landscape. Survival is key, and you’ll need to remain silent to evade the deadly Clickers and other horrors lurking in the shadows.

Prepare to join Joel and Ellie on their desperate journey for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Every corner holds a new terror, and only the bravest will make it through unscathed. With intricate attention to detail and spine-tingling set design, this haunted house will immerse you in the haunting atmosphere of “The Last of Us™” like never before.

Stranger Things 4 Haunted House

The curse of Vecna is upon us, and it’s time for your scream squad to band together in the “Stranger Things 4” haunted house. Inspired by the popular TV series, this chilling experience takes you to Vecna’s blood-red Mind Lair, where Eleven herself once faced unimaginable horrors. The choices you make inside will have dire consequences, for “every ending has a beginning.”

Hold on tight to your friends as you navigate the darkness, encountering disturbing creatures and eerie scenes that will test your courage. With scenes recreated straight from the show, this haunted house will transport you to the thrilling world of “Stranger Things” like never before.

Stranger Things 4 Haunted House

Universal Monsters: Unmasked Haunted House

Descend into the dark and eerie Paris Catacombs, where terror awaits at every turn. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Phantom of the Opera, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the Invisible Man have risen from the shadows to haunt your every step. Brace yourself as you confront these legendary monsters in a spine-chilling battle of survival.

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count Haunted House

Chucky, the notorious serial killer doll, has taken over his own haunted house, and he’s ready for a blood-soaked rampage. With a sadistic grin and murderous intent, Chucky will stop at nothing to increase his kill count. Can you and your friends survive this nightmarish encounter and outwit the wicked doll before he claims his ultimate victim?

The Exorcist: Believer Haunted House

Angela and Katherine, two missing girls with a haunting secret, have returned, but they are no longer themselves. The ultimate evil has taken hold of them, and now you must face the demonic forces that have possessed their souls. Step into the horrifying scenes from the new Blumhouse film, “The Exorcist: Believer,” and bear witness to a series of chilling events that will leave you trembling with fear.

Further information on other haunted houses is cooming soon.

It’s All Part of the Horror

Beyond the haunted houses, Halloween Horror Nights offers a plethora of bone-chilling attractions and experiences that will keep your heart racing throughout the night.

8 Terrifying Haunted Houses

Step into the worlds of iconic horror franchises and Universal’s twisted creations as you explore the eight terrifying haunted houses. Each one is meticulously crafted to deliver the most hair-raising experiences imaginable. From classic monsters to contemporary nightmares, these houses are designed to terrify even the bravest souls.

Terror Tram

Board the Terror Tram for a disturbing journey through the darkest corners of Universal Studios Hollywood. This experience takes you on a spine-chilling ride through iconic film sets, where unexpected terrors await. Brace yourself for encounters with the most nightmarish creatures imaginable as you journey deeper into the realm of horror.

Scream-Filled Scare Zones

Watch your back as nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner in the Scream-Filled Scare Zones. From sinister clowns to vengeful spirits, these zones are designed to keep you on edge throughout the night. Be prepared for jump scares and unsettling encounters as you traverse the haunted streets of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Exhilarating Rides and Attractions

Even amidst the frights, some of Universal’s most thrilling rides and attractions will remain open during Halloween Horror Nights. So, if you need a break from the scares, you can enjoy the exhilarating rides that Universal Studios is famous for.

Live Entertainment

Prepare to be dazzled and terrified by the diabolical surprises that await you in various live performances scattered throughout the event. From ghastly shows to interactive experiences, the live entertainment at Halloween Horror Nights will add an extra layer of horror to your night.

Themed Food & Drinks

Don’t forget to fuel up before braving the horrors that lie ahead! Select dining locations will offer themed food and drinks, perfect for getting you in the Halloween spirit. Enjoy delicious treats inspired by your favorite horror icons and immerse yourself even further in the event’s spooky atmosphere.

Themed Merchandise

Embrace the terror and wear it with pride! Visit the Universal Studios Store and Universal CityWalk to get your hands on exclusive Halloween Horror Nights-themed merchandise. From shirts and hats to collectibles, these souvenirs will serve as a terrifying reminder of the unforgettable night you’ve experienced.

Section 3: Ticketing Options and Enhancements

Now that you’re fully immersed in the world of Halloween Horror Nights, let’s explore the ticketing options and enhancements available to enhance your experience.

Halloween Horror Nights General Admission

The General Admission ticket grants you access to all the haunting attractions and experiences during the event. To save up to $40, make sure to purchase your tickets online for select nights. Please note that pricing may vary based on availability, so secure your spot early.

Event Enhancements

If you’re looking for an extra dose of horror, consider upgrading your ticket with these event enhancements:

  • After 2pm Day/Night Ticket: Enjoy access to the event starting from 2 pm, so you can extend your screams into the night.
  • Early Event Access Ticket: Gain early entry to Halloween Horror Nights before the general crowd arrives, allowing you to explore the haunted worlds with fewer lines and wait times.
  • Event Admission with Express or V.I.P. Tour Options: For the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights experience, consider the Express Pass or V.I.P. tour options. These will give you priority access to attractions, minimizing wait times, and ensuring you don’t miss a single scare.
  • Hotel & Ticket Package: If you’re visiting from out of town or simply want to fully immerse yourself in the horror experience, consider staying at a Universal hotel and enjoy a bundled package that includes event tickets.

Multi-Night Tickets

For those who can’t get enough of the scares, Multi-Night Tickets offer the perfect solution:

  • Frequent Fear Pass: Enjoy up to 30 nights of admission, allowing you to return for more spine-chilling encounters throughout the event.
  • Ultimate Fear Pass: Embrace the terror every single night of Halloween Horror Nights with this pass, providing the most comprehensive experience for hardcore horror enthusiasts.


Get ready to unleash your scream squad and dive headfirst into the terrifying realms of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. From the bone-chilling haunted houses inspired by iconic horror franchises to the scream-filled scare zones and exhilarating rides, this event promises a night you won’t soon forget.

Remember, Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event and not recommended for children under 13. So, gather your bravest friends and prepare to confront your deepest fears. As we eagerly await the reveals of the other haunted houses, the anticipation for the event reaches its peak.

Embrace the terror and remember, the screams are always better when shared with friends. Mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and get ready to face the nightmares that await at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Hollywood!

For gerenal information about Universal Studios Hollywood and further navigation please refer to: Universal Studios Hollywood: Where Movie Magic Comes to Life


What is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is a separately ticketed Halloween event that takes place on select nights from September 7 to October 31, 2023. It is renowned as Southern California’s scariest Halloween experience, featuring terrifying haunted houses, scare zones, live entertainment, themed food, merchandise, and more.

Are there age restrictions for Halloween Horror Nights?

Yes, Halloween Horror Nights is not recommended for children under the age of 13. The event is designed to be an intense and frightening experience, and some attractions may be too scary for young children.

What are the key attractions at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights?

This year’s event boasts 8 terrifying haunted houses inspired by iconic horror franchises, including “The Last of Us™” and “Stranger Things 4.” Other attractions, such as scare zones, Terror Tram, exhilarating rides, live entertainment, themed food, and merchandise, will also be available.

Can I bring my own “scream squad” to Halloween Horror Nights?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s highly encouraged to bring your friends and family along to share the thrills and chills of the event. Experiencing Halloween Horror Nights with your scream squad will make the night even more memorable.

What can I expect from “The Last of Us™” haunted house?

“The Last of Us™” haunted house will immerse you in an abandoned Pittsburgh, inspired by Naughty Dog’s acclaimed video game. You’ll need to stay silent to survive encounters with Clickers and other horrors. Join Joel and Ellie on their survival journey as you navigate the terrifying world of this post-apocalyptic game.

Tell me more about the “Stranger Things 4” haunted house.

In the “Stranger Things 4” haunted house, you’ll face the curse of Vecna and must band together with your scream squad to confront the horrors that await in Vecna’s blood-red Mind Lair. The choices you make inside will have a significant impact on your experience, as “every ending has a beginning.”

Are there any ticketing options and enhancements available for Halloween Horror Nights?

Yes, there are several ticketing options and enhancements to enhance your experience. The General Admission ticket grants access to the event, and purchasing tickets online on select nights can save you up to $40. For more benefits, you can opt for event enhancements such as the After 2pm Day/Night Ticket, Early Event Access Ticket, or event admission with Express or V.I.P. tour options. Multi-night tickets, like the Frequent Fear Pass and Ultimate Fear Pass, offer multiple entry options for those who want to return for more scares.

Can I stay at a Universal hotel and enjoy Halloween Horror Nights with a Hotel & Ticket Package?

Yes! Universal offers Hotel & Ticket Packages that combine accommodation at one of their hotels with event tickets, providing a convenient and immersive experience for out-of-town visitors or those seeking a complete horror-filled getaway.

Is Halloween Horror Nights a daytime or nighttime event?

Halloween Horror Nights is primarily a nighttime event, with most of the attractions and experiences operating in the evening and into the night. However, with the After 2pm Day/Night Ticket, you can enjoy access to the event starting from 2 pm.

Will all of Universal Studios Hollywood’s rides be open during Halloween Horror Nights?

While some of Universal’s most thrilling rides and attractions will remain open during Halloween Horror Nights, not all of the park’s rides may be available during the event. However, the terrifying haunted houses, scare zones, and other spooky experiences are sure to keep you entertained throughout the night.

Can I purchase themed merchandise during Halloween Horror Nights?

Absolutely! The Universal Studios Store and Universal CityWalk will offer exclusive Halloween Horror Nights-themed merchandise, including shirts, hats, collectibles, and more. You can proudly wear your terror with these haunting souvenirs.

Are there any safety measures in place during Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal Studios Hollywood is committed to the safety and well-being of its guests. While specific safety measures may vary, it is common for Halloween Horror Nights to implement enhanced security, bag checks, and safety protocols throughout the event. Additionally, certain attractions and experiences may have age and height restrictions to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Can I buy tickets at the gate, or should I purchase them in advance?

It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance, especially if you’re planning to attend on select nights with potential savings. Buying tickets online will also save you time and ensure your spot at the event, as Halloween Horror Nights can be a popular and crowded event.

Is photography allowed during Halloween Horror Nights?

While photography is generally allowed during Halloween Horror Nights, it’s essential to be mindful of other guests and the event’s rules. Be respectful of scare actors and performers, and refrain from using flash photography, as it can ruin the scare experience for others.

Can I wear a costume to Halloween Horror Nights?

No costumes or costume masks allowed.