Unleash Your Inner Simpson at Springfield, Universal Studios Hollywood

Springfield Universal Studios Hollywood

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of “The Simpsons” or just looking for a dose of thrilling entertainment, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Springfield has something extraordinary in store for you. This captivating section of the park is a tribute to the iconic animated series and offers an array of experiences that will transport you straight to the town of Springfield. At the heart of this experience is the adrenaline-pumping “The Simpsons Ride™,” a fan-favorite rollercoaster simulation that takes you on a wild adventure alongside Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Ready to dive into the world of Springfield? Let’s explore what’s in store for you.

The Simpsons Ride™

The star of the show at Springfield is undoubtedly “The Simpsons Ride™.” This attraction takes you on a whimsical adventure where you become an integral part of the unfolding storyline. As you hop on board, you’ll find yourself thrust into the center of the chaos when Sideshow Bob takes over Krustyland, with a singular mission in mind: to get rid of The Simpsons. And, guess what? You’re riding alongside them!

The sheer thrill of the experience is matched only by the fantastic animation and storytelling. It’s a 3-D/4-D adventure that will have you gripping your seat as you careen and crash through Krustyland with your favorite yellow-skinned family. The exhilaration doesn’t stop, and there are even surprise cameos from some of Springfield’s most beloved characters. You’ll be chuckling, gasping, and cheering all the way through this wild ride.

Now, before you rush to join the fun, here are a few practical details to note:

  • Height Requirements: To take part in this adrenaline rush, you must be at least 40 inches (102 cm) tall. If you’re under 48 inches (122 cm), you’ll need a supervising companion with you.
  • Ride Type: Brace yourself for a thrilling motion simulation that feels incredibly real.
  • Express Pass: If you can’t wait to dive into the adventure, you can opt for the Universal Express Pass to skip the lines and jump right in.
  • For Everyone: This ride is suitable for all age groups, making it a must-visit for families with kids of all ages.

What makes “The Simpsons Ride™” truly special is the effort put into its creation. All-new animation was specifically crafted for this attraction, ensuring that your experience is fresh and unique. This isn’t just about the ride itself; even the pre-show and queue areas are designed to immerse you further into the world of “The Simpsons.” Plus, the ride animation is shown on a gigantic 80-foot diameter domed surface, adding to the grandeur of this adventure.

Experience the Thrills

If the ride leaves you craving for more of Springfield’s charm, you’re in luck. The area offers a range of attractions and experiences that let you explore the town in more detail. Here are some highlights:

  • Meet Your Favorite Characters: Take a seat next to Bart Simpson’s best friend, Milhouse, and grab a selfie. It’s not only a great spot to rest your legs but also a perfect place for a memorable photo.
  • Indulge Your Taste Buds: If you’re looking for some delectable treats, head over to Lard Lad, towering over Fast Food Boulevard. Here, you’ll find giant pink-iced donuts and other mouthwatering snacks. Additionally, Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck is cooking up a variety of the best Mexican street food that Springfield has ever tasted, including carne asada tacos, nachos, and more.
  • Spot Sideshow Bob: Keep your camera ready as you may catch Sideshow Bob making his daring escape from the Springfield Jail. It’s a photo opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Meet the Police: Take a stroll to the Springfield police station and find police officers Eddie and Lou keeping guard. A great place for some friendly chit-chat and perhaps a fun photo with these law enforcement characters.

Dining and Shopping

Springfield is not just about the rides and attractions; it’s also a haven for fans of “The Simpsons” looking to savor the flavors of the show and bring home some souvenirs. Here are a few options you must explore:

  • Gobble Down a Krusty Burger: There’s nothing quite like the legendary Krusty Burger. And after your burger fix, head over to Moe’s Tavern to wash it down with a frosty Duff Beer. It’s a delightful culinary experience.
  • Simpsons Merchandise: From gigantic fresh-baked donuts to Homer-shaped skateboards, every piece of “The Simpsons” merchandise known to fans can be found at the infamous Kwik-E-Mart. Whether you’re looking for a quirky gift or a keepsake to remember your visit by, you’ll find it here.


While you’re in Springfield, don’t forget to check out the entertaining activities that await you. From carnival games to character sightings, there’s something for everyone:

  • Test Your Skills at Krustyland: Krustyland offers Simpsons™-themed carnival games like “Dunk or Flunk” with Principal Skinner, “The Full Nelson,” “Thar She Throws,” and more. Whether you’re a skilled gamer or just out to have some fun, these games are a blast.
  • Character Sightings: Say “Hi-Diddily-Ho!” to Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa as they make their way around Springfield. The character interactions are heartwarming, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for photos and selfies.


In a world where animated shows rarely come to life, Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood is a remarkable exception. It’s a place where the fictional universe of “The Simpsons” becomes real, and you get to be a part of the action. From the thrilling “The Simpsons Ride™” to the character encounters and delicious eats, it’s a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

So, whether you’re a dedicated fan or just seeking some family-friendly excitement, Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood is your ticket to a memorable day. From the exhilarating rides to the sweet treats and character encounters, there’s something for everyone in the town of Springfield. Come on down, and embrace your inner Simpson – it’s an adventure you won’t forget!

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What is “The Simpsons Ride™” at Universal Studios Hollywood?

The Simpsons Ride™” is an exhilarating indoor rollercoaster simulation at Universal Studios Hollywood. It takes you on a wild adventure through Krustyland alongside characters from “The Simpsons” animated series.

Are there any height requirements for “The Simpsons Ride™”?

Yes, to ride “The Simpsons Ride™,” you must be at least 40 inches (102 cm) tall. If you are under 48 inches (122 cm), you will need a supervising companion with you.

What type of experience can I expect on “The Simpsons Ride™”?

“The Simpsons Ride™” is a thrilling motion simulation with a 3-D/4-D experience. You’ll feel like you’re part of the action as you careen and crash through Krustyland.

Can I skip the lines at “The Simpsons Ride™”?

Yes, you can opt for the Universal Express Pass to skip the lines and enjoy a quicker experience.

Is “The Simpsons Ride™” suitable for all age groups?

Yes, “The Simpsons Ride™” is designed for everyone, from kids under 7 to adults.

Are there any other attractions or experiences in Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Certainly! Springfield offers a range of attractions and experiences, including character sightings, tasty dining options, merchandise shopping, and entertaining carnival games.

Where can I meet characters from “The Simpsons” in Springfield?

You can meet Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa as they make their way around Springfield, offering great opportunities for photos and interactions.

Are there any dining options in Springfield?

Yes, you can enjoy legendary Krusty Burgers and Duff Beer at Moe’s Tavern. There are also delicious treats like giant pink-iced donuts and Mexican street food available.

Can I purchase “The Simpsons” merchandise in Springfield?

Absolutely! You’ll find an array of “The Simpsons” merchandise at the Kwik-E-Mart, from giant fresh-baked donuts to Homer-shaped skateboards and much more.

Is Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood suitable for families with children?

Yes, Springfield offers family-friendly attractions, and “The Simpsons Ride™” has a variety of experiences suitable for kids and adults, making it a great destination for families.