The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome to the magical realm of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood! Nestled within the enchanting corners of this theme park, you’ll find a plethora of immersive experiences that will transport you directly into the wondrous universe of Harry Potter™. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with thrills, spells, and magical creatures as we delve into the exciting highlights and attractions that make this place truly spellbinding.

Thrills and Immersion: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™

Buckle up and prepare to be spellbound on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ ride, a pinnacle of thrilling adventure within the Wizarding World. As you step into the iconic Hogwarts™ castle, you’ll journey through familiar passageways and corridors, immersing yourself in the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. The groundbreaking motion simulation technology combined with a touch of magic will give you a one-of-a-kind ride, soaring above the castle grounds alongside Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

  • Height Requirement: Minimum Height 48″ (122 cm)
  • Ride Type: Thrill, Motion Simulation
  • Express Pass: Universal Express Pass
  • Accessibility: Check Ride Accommodations
  • Safety Restraint Size Restrictions

Flight of the Hippogriff™: A Kid-Friendly Adventure

For a slightly tamer yet equally magical experience, hop aboard the Flight of the Hippogriff™ and soar through the Hogwarts™ grounds under Hagrid’s guidance. This kid-friendly thrill allows young wizards to learn how to fly a Hippogriff, a fascinating magical creature that’s part eagle and part horse.

  • Height Requirement: Minimum Height 39″ (99 cm)
  • Supervising Companion Required: Under 48” (122 cm) Requires Supervising Companion
  • Ride Type: Thrill, Kid-Friendly
  • Express Pass: Universal Express Pass

Interactive Wands: Unleash Your Inner Wizard

There’s nothing quite like the joy of wielding your very own interactive wand and bringing magic to life. Head to Ollivanders™, where the wand chooses the wizard. With a flick of your wrist and the right incantation, watch in wonder as items around you levitate and illuminate. Experience the thrill of being a wizard and casting spells throughout the Wizarding World.

  • Shopping Type: Toys, Souvenirs, Collectibles, Gifts

Enchanting Experiences and Attractions

Triwizard Tournament and Butterbeer™: A Taste of Magic

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the Triwizard Tournament, where students from Hogwarts™, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang compete for glory. Cheer on your favorite champions and savor the magic with a pint of Butterbeer™, a beloved drink enjoyed by witches, wizards, and even Muggles™.

Owl Post™: Where Magic Takes Flight

Visit the Owl Post™ to witness magical mail in action. Discover dozens of resting owls and send postcards with authentic Hogsmeade™ postmarks, adding a touch of magic to your correspondence.

Hogwarts™ and Hogsmeade™: Roam the Magical Landscape

Roam through the enchanting streets of Hogsmeade™ and enter Hogwarts™ through towering castle gates. Experience the magic as you stroll through familiar passageways and corridors, feeling the mystical atmosphere come alive around you.

Zonkos™: A World of Magical Novelties

Step into Zonkos™, a treasure trove of magical novelties and toys. From Extendable Ears to Screaming Yo-yos, this whimsical shop is a one-stop destination for magical fun.

Things To Do

Restaurants and Dining: Feast Like a Wizard

Indulge in a magical dining experience at the Three Broomsticks, where traditional British cuisine is served in a charming setting. Don’t miss the chance to sip on Pumpkin Juice at the Magic Neep Cart, a delightful and refreshing treat.

Shopping: Gear up for Wizardry

Trade in your Muggle clothes for official Hogwarts house robes at Gladrags Wizardwear. Visit Dervish and Banges for all your sorcerous essentials and wizarding needs, from spellbooks to magical artifacts.

Entertainment: A Symphony of Magic

Catch the enchanting performance of the Frog Choir, where magical tunes harmonize in a delightful display. And be prepared for the darkness to unfold as Lord Voldemort takes over Hogwarts Castle, accompanied by core-shaking special effects and a powerful musical score.

In this magical world, adventure and wonder await at every turn. Whether you’re flying with Hippogriffs, casting spells with interactive wands, or simply soaking in the magical ambiance of Hogsmeade™, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood promises an enchanting experience for wizards and Muggles™ alike.

So, ready your broomsticks and brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in this captivating realm of magic and mystery!

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What are the height requirements for the rides?

For the thrilling Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ ride, the minimum height requirement is 48 inches (122 cm). If you’re opting for the more kid-friendly Flight of the Hippogriff™, the minimum height requirement is 39 inches (99 cm).

Is there a single rider option available for the rides?

Yes, there is a single rider option available for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ ride, allowing solo travelers or those looking for a quicker ride experience to join in.

Are there any accessibility options for visitors with special needs?

Absolutely. Universal Studios Hollywood is committed to ensuring everyone can enjoy the magic. You can check the ride accommodations and inquire about accessibility options to accommodate any specific needs you may have.

What is Butterbeer™, and where can I get it?

Butterbeer™ is a popular wizarding beverage featured in the Harry Potter™ series. It’s a delightful drink enjoyed by both wizards and Muggles™. You can savor this magical drink at various locations within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™.

How can I purchase interactive wands, and what do they do?

You can purchase interactive wands at Ollivanders™, where the wand chooses the wizard. These wands allow you to cast spells and interact with the magical elements scattered throughout the Wizarding World. Simply follow the instructions to make the magic come alive!

What other attractions can I enjoy besides the rides?

Apart from the exhilarating rides, you can experience the magic of the Triwizard Tournament, explore the enchanting Owl Post™, witness performances by the Frog Choir, shop for magical novelties at Zonkos™, and indulge in traditional British cuisine at the Three Broomsticks.

Is there a best time to visit to avoid crowds?

Weekdays and off-peak seasons generally see fewer crowds. If possible, plan your visit during non-holiday periods and outside of school vacation times to enjoy a more relaxed and magical experience.

Can I purchase tickets for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ separately?

No, tickets for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ are included with your general admission to Universal Studios Hollywood. Once inside, you can explore and enjoy all the magical wonders it has to offer.

Can I purchase Hogwarts™ house robes and other wizarding merchandise online?

Yes, you can purchase Hogwarts™ house robes and other wizarding merchandise at Gladrags Wizardwear in Hogsmeade™. However, it’s advisable to visit in person to get the complete magical shopping experience.

Are there age restrictions for the attractions in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™?

While there aren’t specific age restrictions, some attractions have height requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors. Always check the individual ride requirements before queuing up for an attraction.